Monday, April 21, 2014

Spotify on the Xbox One, finally!

So, I waited long enough and decided to write my own HTML5 interface to use on the XboxOne. I haven't yet tested it on the Xbox360, but I'll do that soon and let you all know how it works.

I used concepts from the Pandora HTML5 interface which works great in Internet Explorer on the XboxOne. The application runs a small web server that is written in Node.js. Luckily, TooTallNate already wrote a library that I could utilize called node-spotify-web that handles the communication to/from Spotify.

You can run Spotify-Server yourself if you're familiar at all with Node.js. If you're not, then head on over to their website: and check it out. Once you've got it installed, go to my Github repository for spotify-server here All of the install and how to run instructions are over there.

A little background on this project if you're interested:
Written in: JavaScript
Runs on: Node.js
Main dependency: node-spotify-web

I ended up writing a thin wrapper for node-spotify-web to handle AJAX requests from the page. The page itself (1 file) utilizes handlebars.js to render different views and Bootstrap for CSS and some components. The JavaScript for the client page can use some cleaning up, but it's a prototype and is highly functional.

It took me about a week of working a couple hours a night to put this badboy together and my wife and I use it just about every day now.

Quick start guide:

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